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New forum open

Hades 060 TTowner
September 24, 2011 11:11AM
:megaphone: I am currently in the process of constructing & testing a new forum for users to use. :megaphone:

At this time, the board is undergoing extensive configuration to ensure it all works as intended.
Members are all but none existant & as with all new ventures, it has to start somewhere. :coffe:

My Modern Atari. [www.llill.co]
We hope you enjoy your visit.
The board aims to serve the Atari 16/32 bit & all Atari Clones like never before.

The aim of the Forum..
This forum is my way of involving people who are into the platform for the modern Atari machines as well as the most recognised classics.
Seeking out anything & anyone that has a similar vision in order to not to just keep the Atari alive, but to advance the tech into the 30th century.
To that end, Any Atari 16 bit/ 32 bit & Clone machine users/coders & visionaries are welcome.
Those who wish to just pass the time of day have well established forums and gathering places to frequent & whilst there will be no refusal to allow anyone in. If you are here to just pass the time of day,without making a productive contribution you will be welcome but not helpful in the forum's ultimate aim.

With all possible good intentions. The forum aims to be the best place to be able to enquire, assist, provide knowledge to & from any user. Any software & hardware enthusiast that wishes to find a place to teach, learn & guide others to a better platform, will thus have a more productive environment that will co-exist with the community in general.
Leading edge Atari related tech will be avidly sought & places for its support are here, Guru's of the software & hardware maintainance construction & support will be actively sought to provide an educational experience & technical backup to all members!

Ground Rules for use.
A guest is allowed to browse, but not leave posts or edit what they see. Registered users will have rights and privilages beyond that.Only admin & moderators have rights beyond registerd members/users. The Administrator has the ultimate say & rights. Abusers of these rights will be frowned upon & may after a closed discussion be required to explain themselves fully to the satisfaction of the Administrator & moderator team members. The Admin's decision to ban or NOT is Final.Registered users will be given a reasonable ammount of time to put a case why they should not be banned.

Foul and offensive abusive vocalisations/expressions in posts will incurr an Immediate ban.Spamming or flodding posts with nonsense or Crap. Banned!An appeal for reinstatement can only be made after a month has passed.Then a furthe probationary period of 2 months will be in effect.Any further transgression gets a total ban. :contract:
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» New forum open

Hades 060 TTowner 1306 September 24, 2011 11:11AM

Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum.

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