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Doug in Detroit
April 04, 2005 01:05AM

I wrote a BASIC game 20 years ago, called "The Protector!" It was originally published in the January, 1985 MACE Journel, and shown in AtariAge when they did a story on MACE (Michigan Atari Computer Enthusiasts.)

I used a BASIC compiler on the original program, to create a machine language version of the game. I circulated it as PROTECML on many Bulletin Boards, including my own, the Cutting Board BBS back in the 80's.

It is a lot faster compiled (try HARD!)

I'd like to share the program, which I recently saved from my old Atari disks. I've created an on-line briefcase folder with the machine language version of the program, which can be played on any Atari800 emulator. The file is PROTECML.UDL (the old extension for upload files on an AMIS bulletin board, for those SYSOPS that remember!)

Briefcase Link with File:


For those that don't have an emulator, I've included those files as well.

I put together all the files (and a few more) to run my game, The Protector.

1)Unzip the Atari800WinPLus40Beta file to a directory.
2)Place the atari_roms in the Atari800 folder "roms"
created in step 1.
3) Unzip the other files to the root Atari800
4) Launch Atari800. Click on "file", then "load
executable" Find Protecml.udl in the Atari800
directory. Select it. Click open.
5) F3 selects difficulty.
6) F4 starts the game.
7) You can change controls by selecting "input"
"joysticks" Default is the numeric pad. (Up=up, fire = enter.)

Game Rules
1. Save the City! Score the most points by shooting
down meteors!

2. You can fire 1 missile at a time. Hitting fire
releases it. If you hit fire again, the first missile
will disappear and a new missile will fire from the

3. Shoot down meteors with missile. The higher in the
sky, the more points.

4. The city can only be hit 10 times, as each meteor
causes 10% destruction to the city. If you crash into
the city, you cause 20% destruction.

5. You have three ships and three Destructo Bombs. If
all else fails, Press F3 to destoy all meteors on the

Let me know your high scores!

There is also a demo call VoiceofSilence to show the
Atari's power!!
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Doug in Detroit 2872 April 04, 2005 01:05AM

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