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Atari ST Hardware & Softeware BONANZA

Jim Palumbo
October 20, 2011 06:07PM
For SALE. Would like to sell as a lot, please make a reasonable offer.

2 wilco command control joysticks
1 atari mouse monster splitter
1 SM124 monochrome monitor
2 SC1224 color monitor
2 SF314 external floppy drive
1 external HD made by ICD
golden image D.S floppy drive (Master 3A-1D)
1 520 ST SN #A16CB2003493
1 520 St original no floppy A11038788
3 original ST mice
1 SF354 external floppy drive
1 supra 2400 modem
1 atari 520 ST upgraded to 1040? A181J1022401K bus error boot error 2 bombs

Software: (note: all software is in original packaging with original documentation)
Starfleet I the war begins
word for word
summer challenge
deja vu- nightmare comes true
lost in las vegas
warriors of Relenyne
silent service
ultima 2
hint for red October
dungeon master
the crimson crown
the colonels bequest
manhunter – new york
a mind forever voyage
the pawn
temple of apshai trilogy (x2)
St star raiders
world games
AD+D dragon lance-heroes of the lance
maniac mansion
lands of havoc
hippo backgammon
grand slam grammar and style checker
print master art gallery 1
print master plus
flight simulator 2
print master plus art gallery fantasy
GBA championship basketball
typing tutor word invaders
sword of kadash
red storm rising
fore brigade- battle for kiev1943
time bandit
kings quest 2- romancing the throne
sub battle
arctic fox
lords of conquest
high roller- flight simulator
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» Atari ST Hardware & Softeware BONANZA

Jim Palumbo 1056 October 20, 2011 06:07PM

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