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Atari Computer Software and Manuals

March 07, 2006 12:45PM
Hello. Trying to clear out some extras and wanted to offer to fellow collectors before sending much of it on to the local landfill. E-mail me at lener@vt.edu for more details on any items listed below. Everything priced at $4 or less, magazines only 50 cents apiece. Shipping at actual cost. U.S. buyers only please. Thanks.

Extras for Sale or Trade
Atari ST Books, Manuals, etc.:
(all clean and in good shape)
Atari 520 ST Owners Manual
Atari Logo Sourcebook
Atari SF314 Disk Drive – manual
Atari SF354 Disk Drive - manual
Atari SM124 Mono Monitor – manual
Atari ST Basic Quick Reference Guide
Atari ST Basic Source Book and Tutorial
Atari ST GEM Programmers Reference (Abacus)
Atari ST Graphics and Sound (Abacus)
CalAssistant – disk and manaul
Datalite 2 (Oregon Research) – boxed
Dr. T’s Music Software – Dr. Drums, Dr. Keys, Tiger, Copyist, KCS
Disk Label Maker (Rock Digital) = disk only
ICD SCSI Host Adaptor – manual
Imagecopy 4 (FaST Club) – manual and upgrade disk
Pagestream 2 - manual
Paint Pro (Abacus) – disk and manual
Personal Pascal 2 (OSS) – manual
STOS Compiler (Mandarin) - boxed
STOS Game Creator (Mandarin) – boxed
Suzy B Software Treasury – 2 disc CD-ROM set
Thunder Writer’s Assistant (Batteries Included) – disk and manual
Truepaint (Oregon Research) – disks and manual
Ultimate Virus Killer – disk and manual
WordPerfect – boxed with manual and template

Assorted magazine issues:
ST Action, ST Format, ST Log, ST World

Games and Other Software:
Brattacus (Psygnosis) – boxed
Megalomania (Sensible Software) - boxed, PAL?
Outrun (Sega) – boxed, no instructions
Populous II (Bullfrog) – boxed, PAL?
Space Ace (Readysoft) - boxed
Sub Battle Simulator (EPYX) - boxed
Ultima II (Sierra) – boxed with cloth map

Atari 8-bit cartridge games:
Barnyard Blaster -boxed
Barnyard Blaster - w/manual
Blue Max - w/manual
Bug Hunt –w/manual
Fight Night - manual only
Flight Simulator - manual only
Hardball – w/manual
Missile Command - cartridge only
One-on-One – w/manual
Pac-Man - cartridge only
Space Invaders - cartridge only
Star Raiders - cartridge only
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» Atari Computer Software and Manuals

loderunner 2510 March 07, 2006 12:45PM

Re: Atari Computer Software and Manuals

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