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Re: XaAES themes

November 27, 2009 12:55AM
Thanks for the info Peter, I will have a look for those progs

I recently had an issue with GEMview not finding modules, I think what it actually was, was that the "evaluation" period expired.

I wrote to The guy that made GEMview, after finding the GEMview home page still up, and it turns out, like a lot of previous software requiring registration, you can get a 3.18 version and email the guy for a key

I would like to get Smurf to be a bit more stable, its mostly in the area of the extra config dialogs, an also on certain saved config settings (crashes on load). It also performs "wierdly" after using modules, ie. new 256 images cant be save, as (some) modules use 32bit to do their thing, annoying..

I could not do a flood fill in Vision, but other parts worked fine. The only other issue I have with it, is the lack of IMG/XIMG support. I am sure it is "limited" to only the official formats and structures, but I could not get it to resave a 256 color GIF as a 256 color IMG..

ATM I have ended up using GIMP to create the final image to be converted by a app under MiNT (a 256 color GIF => 256 IMG) working from a 24bit TIF. I even when to the extreme creating "default", "alternat" 256 color, and a "16color" palettes for GIMP (GIMP cant load PAL files..), which has helped for doing "palette remap" and creating new custom images by hand..


PS I will have some "customizing AFROS" type tuts up soon, with some handy hints on XaAES and MyAeS also (and the tools to get it done).
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XaAES themes

paulwratt 2491 October 10, 2009 01:58PM

Re: XaAES themes

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Re: XaAES themes

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» Re: XaAES themes

paulwratt 1351 November 27, 2009 12:55AM


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