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Mint is running - hurraaa

March 27, 2009 09:23AM
Hi all,
Woooow, at last Mint is up and running.
I have struggled a couple of weeks and I was close to give up to get Mint installed on my old Falcon.
I have got lot of help from Mark-Anton and I bring him a GREAT THANK YOU.

All my problems had the root in the fact that phase 2 of the installation had never run.
I had an old 2,5" HD taken from an old Toshiba laptop which I used for the Mint installation. The original HD with all my old work is stored in a safe place.

When running phase 2 I got a strange fault and it looks like that it was connected to the foldername where the Mint intallation files were stored on the HD. When I changed the name to EM.170 everything went well and now Mint is running with XaAES and Teradesk version 4.
In the AUTO folder I have
1) FXDRIVE (driver for the Falcon 3in1 expansion card)
2) EXTENDOS 4 (Driver for CD player)
3) NVDI 4
4) Blowboot (Screen enhancer)

The strange thing is that I get a better and flickerfree screen when running in MINT with the CPU boosted to 40MHz than I get in ordinary TOS or MagiC5 with the same processorspeed/busspeed.
I can't explain why, maybe someone out there have an idea?

But now mint is up and running and what now?
First I should try to get the Falcon connected to the network and I wonder if someone have a idea of what I should do? What I need and so on.
1) Should I use the seriel port via a PC?
2) should I search for a SCSI/Eternet adapter?
3) which browser should I use?

In the old days I used Lattice C as development environment and I installed it again after MINT installation. It looks like it is not as stable as expected running under Mint. Anyone out there who are using the Falcon for programming and if so which development environment are you then using?

I have installed papyrhus Gold on mint, but I get an error message when I try to start it.
The err.msg came from XaAES; se below:
ERROR: User PC=1282EE
Address: 2C (Basepage = C6000
text = C6100, Data = 1533FE
BSS = 165D24

is there someone who knows what this mean?

Best Regards
A dreamer
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» Mint is running - hurraaa

A dreamer 2079 March 27, 2009 09:23AM

Re: Mint is running - hurraaa

Latz 813 March 28, 2009 06:51AM

Re: Mint is running - hurraaa

jens 1608 May 10, 2009 03:59AM


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