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another textarea bug

November 20, 2009 05:31AM
I just found another textarea
bug, this one I have a screen
shot of, but I need to swap
OS's to "webify" it, will
post the link when done

To recreate the bug:
create some lines of text,
more than one textarea page
(should be 14 lines each)

make one of the later ones,
say line 10, long enough for
the text to scroll sideway
while typing. make sure the
line above is has text also,
ie not an empty line.

then press "up" arrow (on
the end of the long line). you should now see "bell"
characters instead of line
wraps cause by newline or
return characters

to "fix" the display of the
textarea again, click outside
the textarea

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» another textarea bug

paulwratt 1424 November 20, 2009 05:31AM

Re: another textarea bug

jens 684 December 09, 2009 04:58AM

Re: another textarea bug

PeterS 956 December 17, 2009 07:42AM

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