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Sample editer

October 04, 2002 04:21AM

What I really miss is a good sample editer for Atari.

Avalon was good though exotic but does only work on monochrome. It is also a bit old. The timestretching was primitive, editing was not very intuitive, there's no beatslicing.

Squash can do unique things, but I think it's not very intuitive: you can't select sample parts/ blocks with the mouse, timestretching is primitive (no bpm's), beatslicing is possible but somewhat random, zooming is annoying since you can't zoom in on beginning and end, no recording.

Zero-X is a good beatslicer, I don't know enough of the Atari version but I think it misses timestretching and recording.

Studio Son is the best looking with some good sounding DSP plugins. It works intuitive and supports recording. I can't say anything about timestretching since it is disabled (?), zooming is a bit annoying.

I don't think it's very realistic to revive Avalon or Zero_X (still lives on PC's and is very good).
I think we should try to revive Squash or Studio Son (prefer the last one).
- It should be intuitive (for example: select a block with a mouse)
- zooming at begin and endpoints
- timestretching in BPM's (like Acid on PC)
- beatslicing like Zero-X and Recycle
- recording possiblities
- midi and SCSI sample dump for modern samplers
- plugin effects (a standard like VST or Direct-X)

I'm really sorry that I'm no programmer. Which language is the best for Atari: C, GFA Basic others? How can I begin?

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» Sample editer

Jos 2149 October 04, 2002 04:21AM

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Dan Ackerman 792 October 04, 2002 04:59AM

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GokMasE 760 October 05, 2002 02:18AM

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ProToS 789 October 18, 2002 01:58AM

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GokMasE 716 October 18, 2002 11:32PM

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GokMasE 729 November 16, 2002 11:00AM

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Anonymous User 823 May 27, 2004 11:58AM

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GokMasE 976 May 28, 2004 12:18AM

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FalCT60 947 March 31, 2009 01:11AM

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